Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lillian's 2nd Birthday Weekend

 Me and my sweet Mama.  She is definitely the strength in our family and I love her so much!

 Ahh..such cute cousins that love each other very much.
 Grammy & Papaw put up their trampoline.  The kids had a blast.

 Lillian's 2nd Princess Party has started!  Jillery made the quilt on the table.  She's crafty!

 Applying her lipstick with her high heels on. So cute!

 Pooped out after the party.
 Grammy & Papaw made a balance beam for them.

 Sweet Birthday Girl..Can't believe she is already two.
 Getting some sugars from her Uncle Mike.

 This is the blanket I made for her birthday present.  It will keep her warm this fall/winter.

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