Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zoee's First Tee Ball Game as a Lil' Sock

This is Zoee's first year in tee ball and she is loving it.  She loves being apart of a team and learning something new.  As long as she's happy doing it, she'll be able to do it.  :)  This picture cracks me up cause it's her "intimidation" face! HA HA
She had her first ball game tonight.  We were some proud parent cause their team (Lil' Socks) won 13-8.  Her team is really good and they all work together and she has really great coaches.  Zoee made it all the way around for a run and also got out on 1st her first game.  She brought in a runner though..so we scored, too.  She stopped a ball that was rolling really hard but putting her legs together on the ground.  It was awesome and Mike was sooo proud! Mom said his face was priceless when he went over to make sure they saw it..HEE HEE!  I can only see them getting better and better and we have five more games in the coming weeks and we can't wait.

 Proud Grandparents..always there to root Zoee on! So glad they come to support..We love them and appreciate the time they put into Zoee.

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