Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chaos Around Here's been kind of chaotic to say the least around here the past week or so. Zoee started crawling out of her bed so we had to break down her crib into her toddler bed..not sure if I'm going to like it. If we do keep it..which we will decide this weekend for sure, we will have to buy a side bar to keep her from falling out. Also, she's been acting so crazy. I told Mike that our baby time with her was way too easy and now we're paying for it going into Toddlerhood. LOL I mean, it's like having a newborn. She's not used to her "big girl" bed yet, so she doesn't sleep very well yet. On top of that..I think I figured out that she is teething cause she is slobbering like crazy today and now her little mouth is all broke out. I have to constant keep it clean and dry and then apply medication to it. I have decided to prolong potty training until things settle down. All of this at once is just too much for her and me to handle right now. She is being sweet during the day though..loving on me..loving on her babies. She is talking a lot this week and saying a few more words. She is repeating more of what I say and now has learned to stand on things to reach things. Scares me to death sometimes..cause she's so fast. You turn around one minute and she's already up doing something she's not suppose to. I'm hoping things die down soon and we can get on a more regular schedule. All I can say is THANK GOD I'm a SAHM...cause I don't think I could handle all the erratic sleep patterns and up all night and then hold down a job, too. Thank you Mike for letting me stay at home with her.
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