Sunday, January 9, 2011

Homemade Pompoms & the NFL Playoffs

We watched the NFL playoffs over the weekend and on Saturday night I was teaching Zoee how to do a few cheers. It was quite entertaining to say the least...and I told Mike that we need pompoms to make it more realistic. So, he sat there for a second and got up from the chair and disappeared for a little bit. I was wondering what he was doing cause it was awfully quiet. Well, he came back into the living room and in his hands were "homemade" pompoms for Zoee. They were so cute..just her size and you'll never believe what they were made of. Walmart sacks. LOL I LOVED IT!! What great thinking and innovation my hubs has to think up such a great idea how to recycle Walmart sacks. Zoee especially loved them, too! Daddy said, "Too bad the Oakland Raiders aren't in the playoffs..cause that's who she really needs to be cheering for." Ha Ha!
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