Monday, January 3, 2011

Specialist Update

We took Zoee last week to see the foot specialist for a check up. This is her second appointment after being diagnosed with her hip, leg, and feet problems. He said that her feet are improving a little bit but only time will tell if they will correct even better. He told us that if it's going to correct, it will correct with growth and the only time she grows is while she is sleeping. He said she is completely flat-footed already and her case is the worse that he's seen in a long long time. So we shall see over the next few years if her feet and legs get substantially better. If not, we were informed we will probably have to go and see a surgeon in Houston or Dallas and they will probably take her bones in her legs and cut them in half to correct everything. He didn't go into great detail because that's a few years away..but it's really been wearing on me the thought of a 5-6 year old in a total cast on the lower half of her body. Lots of prayers needed!

I really like her specialist. He always loves on Zoee and tells her he loves her. Not many doctors do that. But, I'm really wanting to have a second opinion. I think I will be making an appointment in the near future to do this. I found out the really expensive shoes we have been putting her in aren't really helping correct the foot, but they are helping with muscle memory so we are to continue doing this. I'm curious to see what someone else will say. I pray that we won't have to do surgery and that her body will help correct itself on it's own. It hasn't slowed her down any. Just more clumsier than most because she falls a lot more. Lord please grant me peace!

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