Monday, January 31, 2011


Zoee, Traci, Koleton, and I met a few of the girls from our Mommies group at Burger King for a playdate on Friday in Midland. We were having a good time until right before we were about to leave Zoee came over to me and said, "PooPoo" and pointed to her buttox. She has been saying this lately..but usually after the fact she already does it in her pull-up. Well, because pull-ups are NOT like diapers and mostly hold everything in, I lifted her pull-up from her behind and low and behold..we had quite the "POOPY" situation on our hands. Yes, literally on my hand..ha ha! Because Burger King does not have a changing table in their restaurant (yes, weird to me) I had to run Zoee out to the car..holding her as gracefully as I could without putting her up against me..cause I didn't know the extent of the damage. When I pulled up her was all up her back onto her shirt and all over the back of her pants. Of course, this would be the day I was 35 miles from home without an extra set of clothes for her to wear and we still had other business to tend to in Midland. So..I changed her into a new pull-up, and put her naked into her carseat. We headed over to Toys R Us (was going there anyway) and the only thing I had to put on her was her long cute li'l brown jacket. Thank goodness it was a little chilly out..or we would of looked completely ridiculous. I put it on her..strapped her in her stroller (hoping it looked less noticeable) and went and got her some new clothes to change into. Of course, they have all of their spring outfits out for sale we had to end up getting one of those..but it sure is cute. And to make it worse, Zoee kept doing spread eagle with her legs..showing off that she only had her jacket on, but I don't think anybody noticed but me or maybe it was my paranoia that everybody was looking..ha ha! Traci and I were cracking up. Definitely a lesson learned to make sure I have an extra set no matter what..especially when we are leaving town.
Traci snapped a shot of Zoee right before we were heading into the store (at least she knows how to accessorize..ha ha) She had put on her necklace. And then the other is of her explaining to Mike what happened when he got home from work ..and her in new cute li'l outfit.
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