Monday, January 31, 2011

Scare in Store

OMG..Zoee gave us a HUGE scare tonight at Walmart. We had gone in to get a few items we needed. Well, for some reason Zoee gets real antsy when we get into the checkout line. She starts squirming usually ready to get the heck out of the store as fast as she can. And by that are we!
This night, we got into line. Zoee, of course, was having one of her freak out moments in the checkout line. I was in front of the basket putting our items up onto the conveyor..and Mike was standing closest to her behind the basket. He started putting things up onto the conveyor, also trying to be his helpful self..that's just his nature. Zoee starts freakin..I told him just watch her..I can handle it. As soon as turned around..and I mean everything happened in an instant, Zoee leaned over to grab some of those gift cards that are stacked up and leaned too far and was falling out of the basket..head first to the ground. Thank God, Mike was standing close enough to grab her ankle and caught her from falling completely down. He still doesn't know how he had the strength to grab her 30 lb. body by her ankle and pull her up because he's been having some problems with that hand. I guess on the way up or down she had scratched her face on something..cart? incap? cards? She now had scratches on her forehead (the skin was not broken..but it was red and kind of welped up) and she had a bloody scratch on her nose. My heart sank and she was screaming..I don't know if she was screaming because she was scared or because she was hurt from the scratches. But we were totally mortified and if she had fallen..I'm sure she would of broke something and we would have had a trip to the E.R. So from now matter if she throws a fit or not..she is wearing her seatbelt. We are going to try to prevent that from happening EVER EVER again. Yet another lesson learned. Why is it we always have to learn the hard way??
Here's the pic I took when we got home and she settled down.. POOR BABY!
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