Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Love for Shots

I'm wondering if this is what Zoee pictures as we are walking into her pediatrician's office?? I had to take Zoee in to see the doctor the other day for the rash around her mouth. Long story--short...she was fine in the waiting room..but as we were headed off of the scale walking to the exam room she starting flippin' out. She has done this the past three times now that we've been to see her doctor. But, of course, the past three times we've seen her doctor, she's had to endure pain because of her vaccinations. Which always means a variety of shots. This particular visit was awful because she threw the biggest fit ever..I mean, throwing herself on the floor awful. It's like she had this picture above in her head while waiting for the doctor to come in. She always calms down while the doctor is in there, somewhat. I saw, somewhat, because she at least stops heaving herself onto the floor. She totally refuses to sit on the exam table (adorned with that wonderful paper covering it). She used to tear the crap out of the paper as a baby (just playing with it and wadding it up and what not) and I'd always have to pull more out for her to be placed on. So I'm having to hold her the whole time while she screams, cries, or yells out Momma, NO! After the doctor leaves, it's like she knows that the mean ole' nurse is going to come into the room and put her in pain. This time she had to get her last vaccination and the flu vaccination. She always stops crying immediately after and calms down..but it's WWIII dealing with her leading up to the shots. She gave us another ointment for her mouth (which has been working really great) so hopefully it will be cleared up soon. It's been looking awful as you can see in her previous pictures. She doesn't have to see the doctor again for a year (unless she's sick) so hopefully she won't freak out anymore and will forget about the dreaded pain she's been put through. Here's hoping!! HA HA!

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