Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I have been working on my 6-hour CE class for Cosmetology off and on for two days now and I'm still not finished. I hate sitting at the computer for that long. I think each section keeps getting longer and longer..but thank goodness there isn't a test at the end of it. There is always something to be "thankful for" in every situation!! We have to renew our Cosmo licenses every two years and mine is up and, of course, I've procrastinated and waited until the last minute to take the course. So I'm finishing that up tonight and tomorrow and I finishing up the last bit of laundry tomorrow and packing for our trip to Levelland to have Thanksgiving with Mike's family. We also will be attending the Thanksgiving production at our church tomorrow night (which I can't wait for) It's called the Mayflower and I'm really ready to see it. We will be staying in a hotel, which I'm kind of excited about, in Levelland, because we haven't gotten away in a while. And don't you know that a hotel makes you feel like you are getting away from it all. Well, it does for me anyway..LOL

We will spend Thanksgiving in Levelland on Thursday..come back on Friday evening and then Mike and I are hosting Thanksgiving with my family on Saturday. It should be a great week. I'm just glad that Mike has a job where he can be off for several days and rest and enjoy himself, too. We've vowed to make the holidays as painless as possible. NO STRESS!!! No Black Friday shopping for us this extra money because we are living on one income right now. No fun..but it's well worth the penny pinching to be able to stay home with Zoee.

After Thanksgiving comes a whirlwind of events. I've already put together my calendar and it's going to be pretty busy. Since I've joined the MM (Midessa Mommies) group, I will be a little bit busier than usual, I'm hoping. So far on the calendar for December is: A firestation tour, Heritage X-Mas Lighting @ McKinney Park, Ethan's 1st Birthday party, we're going to be in the X-Mas parade with the MM group on a float, a visit to Dr. Cochran (Zoee's foot specialist), Bunco (Ugly Xmas Shirt Party), MM X-Mas Party @ Carino's, X-mas with both families, Tyler's Birthday, and New Year's eve...along with I'm sure some playdates in there somewhere. WHEW! WOW, didn't realize I was going to be so busy. We've been kind of sickly around here this past week. Zoee's been cutting her last teeth besides her 2-year molars (THANK GOODNESS) and Mike and I have had a cold. So hopefully we will get over that quickly and be healthy for the month of December and into the new year. I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and I pray that if you are traveling that you have safe travels. I'm ready to feed my face with Turkey, dressing and all the trimmings..along with those great desserts that are prepared each year. We thank the Lord for our many blessings (BIG & small) and lots of love to you all...

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