Saturday, December 18, 2010

"BIG GIRL" panties

January 1st we will be starting Potty Training 101. I've coddled her quite enough (said with a li'l tear). We've pottied a few times here and there in her potties (yes, she has three of them and the one she likes the most is the cheapest pink froggie one) LOL I think I've been procrastinating about really delving into the potty training business because I want to still keep her my li'l baby, even though she is a spitfire. It makes me sad to think she will be growing up not needing Momma as much because, man alive, she is Li'l Miss Independent. She likes to do or try everything herself..even at this age. Lord, I hear it only gets worse! Help us ALL!
Tonight we went and picked out several "BIG GIRL" panties from the store..cause once her diapers are all gone (which she still has quite a few left) then I don't really want to buy anymore to see if this is going to work the easy way..or if it's going to be more difficult for her. Which I'm okay with..either way. She didn't seem to be amused about picking out her own panties in the store like most little kids I've heard about..but she likes to put them on when we are at home and grins from ear to ear. I'm hoping this journey will be a simple one. I'm kind of taking the harder approach to it by not using pull-ups..but I've heard so many different things..I've kind of accumulated everything I've heard, read, or seen and I'm going to go with that. Here's to January 1st coming soon and Zoee's successful journey to Toddlerhood!

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