Monday, December 6, 2010

A Whopping...21 Months Old

Oh my gosh! Where to begin..
Zoee is
Months Old today. She's as cute as can be and smart as a whip. We've been working hard on learning something new every day. And she is soaking everything in like a sponge. This week alone she is talking a lot more, has said "Grammy" for the first time, is putting things away in the trash and getting things picked up when asked, goes to the fridge when she wants something to drink or eat and I open it up and she points to what she wants and I get her to say the word. She recieved her two new Christmas presents from Grammy and PaPaw and loves them. She has played quite a bit in the them today. (See previous posting)
Zoee is wearing a size 5 diaper and we are going to be really concentrating on potty training soon. I'm trying to get her to where she can pull her own pants up and down before we start persuing it full time. She's met quite a few new friends through my mommy group so far, and we look forward to meeting quite a few more. She is wearing a size 2T in most shirts..some 24 months and she is a 24 month pant/skirt. We go back and see the foot specialist at the end of the month. She still is a pretty finicky eater...meaning she eats when she wants. She doesn't eat a whole lot during the day...but really gets an appetite at night. Her favorite foods right now are tomatoes, green beans, mac&cheese, and we recently started buying her NutterButters. Well, I found out that she likes only the peanut butter out of it..she likes it off of the cracker part like she would an Oreo..ha ha! So we've been giving her some peanut butter. So far she hasn't been allergic to anything..but she does have a little rash around her mouth. The doctor said it's probably from the colder weather and saliva at night. I told her that she is teething off and on she is going to be cutting one more tooth pretty soon. After that tooth, she will have her two-year-old molars and then we are through for a while..I think until she's five..THANK GOODNESS. Teething is so treacherous. I love it when she says, "What is it?" She runs it together and it's so cute. She loves Santa and every time she sees a Santa or hears his name..she runs over to me and says, "Ho, Ho, HO!" She's getting so big and acts so grown sometimes. She's all in all a really great kid...occasionally throws fits when she is teething or needs a nap. She goes right to bed and sleep through the night. She amazes me every day. I love her so much and I can't beleive that two years old is right around the corner. I better get to planning and saving for her birthday party because the next 88 days will go by super fast.

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Stacey said...

She is a doll Amanda!!