Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday Night Fun

Tonight we had fun as a family. We had to venture to Wal-Mart to get some more milk for Zoee...and decided to browse around for a while. I love Wal-Mart. Not so much into the crowds..but our Wal-Mart doesn't get too crowded on our side of town. And you know you go to Wal-Mart a lot when you walk inside and the lady cashier smiles and waves like you've known each other for years. This one particular girl has checked us out numerous times and we've gabbed quite often while she is checking us out. I'm so glad there are still good people in this world to be able to do this with...cause a lot of my encounters with checkers are not so grand. The next time I'm in there and she's there..I intend to find out and remember her name. I'm horrible with names..but remember so many faces. After we left Wal-Mart..we didn't want to go home so we went to grab a tea from Bush's Chicken (love 'em because they are so good and you can't beat a .49 cent drink these days). We went around our neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights. There were some really great lights up...but I guess because of the economy the way it is..there werent as many lit up. That's what I'm going to speculate it is. I'd like to hope that they just aren't been Scrooges. LOL Ours is lit up..maybe not the exact way we'd like to have it all decked out..but it's what we have and anything that gets you into the holiday spirit is all right by me.
While looking at the lights I got my camera out and snapped some shots of Zoee with the camera facing towards her..but me not actually looking into the camera to see what I'm shooting. I love to do this..cause you never know what you are going to come out with. Well, these are pics that I snapped..and they are hilarious. I noticed that Miss Priss wiggled her way out of her seat belt harness on the top part and was taking off her shoes and socks. She hates to wear socks. If I don't have her special shoes on during the day and just socks (for instance her getting up from her nap) she yanks her socks right off. Every house that we would stop by that was decked out with Christmas decorations..all we would hear is "UOHHHHHH" over and was adorable. She seemed to really enjoy them. I also took a pic (pic not so good) but wanted to get it in this post) of a beautiful Nativity scene that was outside someone's house. I've seen a lot of Nativity scenes in yards..but this one by far has to be the prettiest portrayl. It was so awesome. Hope you all are having a Jolly Holiday..cause we are having some fun!
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