Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not Feeling Well

I hate when Zoee doesn't feel well. We just lounged around all day (stayed out of the cold) and played and did a little learning when she felt like it. She is learning so much these days and it cracks me up how expressive she is. Mike always said he wanted a little Amanda running around..well, he definitely got his wish..ha ha! She's so much like's scary! I put her in an oversized t-shirt (one that she got at the Midland Park Mall for joining Kidgets). I love when she wears oversized shirts. It reminds me of staying with my grandparents and getting to sleep in my Grandpa's white undershirts. We'd go over there and decide to stay the night and not have anything to wear and my Grandma would tell me to go and get a t-shirt out of the closet. They were always way big on us and I liked that we could put our knees up in the shirt to stay extra warm. Don't you just love it when something you see, smell, feel, or hear that reminds you of the past or a fond memory??

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Zoee started feeling better by the end of the evening after taking a bath. She was up to her miscieveous self again!
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Stacey said...

Your daughter is such a doll!