Sunday, December 12, 2010

What do you get when you add...

tinsel, ugly Christmas material, glitter, puff paint, and some jingle bells?? An Ugly Christmas shirt, of course. My friends and I have a Bunco group that we started up this past summer. Well, it's in full swing. Every month we get together, eat, chat, play Bunco, and it's been a load of fun so far. We try to have a theme every month and my friend, Amber, who is hosting this month's said she wanted to do an Ugly Christmas Sweater Bunco Party. Well, since I don't wear many sweaters...I decided to make a t-shirt.
The other night, my BFF (is this even said anymore), Courtney and her sister Riley all went out to eat at Tequila Tony's, a Mexican food place here in Odessa. Courtney buys gift certificates during the year for half she's so sweet because she's treated us to dinner twice now. I had asked the what they were going to do for the bunco party as far as ugliness and they said they didn't know. Well, we brainstormed and decided to do a trio of t-shirts. This is what we came up with.

Courtney came over that evening and we got to work making these ugly t-shirts. We all have "Ho" on each t-shirt so it spells out "Ho, Ho, Ho!" They to add some lewdness to it..we decided to adorn the back with "Where my Ho's At?" Meaning each other...but not literally...LOL Courtney and I were a glittery mess and didn't know that it would take us so long to sew tinsel around the sleeves and neckline of three shirts. The Bunco Party is going to be on Tuesday night of this coming I will definitely post pics of everybody..and we always take a group pic every month. I'm so glad I put the Bunco group into works..cause I've had so much fun getting out one night of month with some of my favorite people.
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