Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lip Gloss and Letters

When we got home tonigh from seeing Santa (Santa pic in next post), Zoee came into the dining room with us to hang out. She colored a little bit, ate some more of her dinner, played with magnetic letters (that aren't actually hers-they are Ethan's Christmas present that she decided she would unwrap), and applied her favorite lip gloss I purchased today for her. She loves loves loves my chapstick so I decided to buy her some of her own today. Aside from her trying to eat it sometimes and smear it on her cheeks..she does pretty good with aiming to make it on her lips. She is just adorable and we are having so much fun this holiday season!
(Don't worry Jillery--Ethan will get his letters when Zoee unwraps the other package of letters on Christmas..ha ha!)
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