Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grossed Out!

We ventured to the Midland mall today and after shopping for a while decided to stop in the food court to grab a drink and snack. Well, I was sitting at the table with Miss "Z" and my li'l nephew, who is a year old now while my Mom and Sister went to grab us something. I put Miss "Z" into a high chair (it was actually clean) and pulled her half way up to the table. We sat there for a few minutes and I noticed her looking kind of underneath the table at something. In my head I was thinking..I bet she sees a piece of gum. So I quickly pulled her a little bit more away from the table so she couldn't reach it. SO I THOUGHT! I turned my head to glance over at my nephew and I look back and Miss "Z" has a little piece of gum she just stuck into her mouth half ways. I quickly yanked it out...and was mortified. She had pulled it from underneath the table. I'm sure I had a few mall goers/watchers looking at us thinking...GROSS!! Cause I was thinking that. Thought I'd share cause it was kind of funny after thinking about it for a while...but I was definitely totally grossed out!

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