Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Bookworm

I love that Zoee loves to read. We read a lot during the day...I probably read at least 10 books or so a day..a lot of the times a lot more than that..several times a day. If there is a book in sight..she is usually grabbing it and comes over and says, "Momma" while handing me the book. She then proceeds to climb up into my lap and settle in and we read and look at all the pictures and she describes what is on each page and vice versa. I think it's really helping her to acknowledge so much around her. Tonight in the toy aisle at Wal-Mart she noticed Thomas the train sets and said, "Momma, Choo Choo" while putting up her hand and making a horn pulling motion. It was cute. She does this for so many objects around the house..on TV..and things we see out and about. This week she has also been talking so much. In the past two days or so, she really has gotten after it..and there is a lot I understand..and a lot I don't. But you can definitely tell she is saying something. She's done a lot of the "Shhh" sound.."Shhh'ing me when it's quiet time. She's learned her "WH" sound this week..and asks "Why" and "What's that?" She says "Minnie" quite a bit. We go over family members names a lot every day. We are getting closer to potty training. I told Mike my goal is for her to be potty trained by the time she is two. We'll see if we can meet this goal. I watched Super Nanny today that I had DVR'd and she showed some great advice on how to potty train. This week we're going to buy more of the training panties and try to do away with diapers. I've heard it's the easier way to potty train. I think once it becomes routine she will have it down..she has caught on pretty quickly. Our little girl is growing up so fast...and I'm soaking in every minute of it.
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