Monday, February 28, 2011

She gets it from her MAMA!

THE WILD HAIR!! It's out of control some days and cracks me up! We both look like we have cockatoos on top of our heads when we wake up in the morning.
Zoee is growing up so big and this her last week as a 1 year old. (BOO HOO..a little sad about it)
She is doing wonderful on her potty training. She has the concept but sometimes doesn't pull down her undies when she is actually sitting on the we have an accident there..and sometimes she gets to playing or if I'm busy doing something (cleaning, cooking, etc...) I think she forgets to come and tell me that has to go. So we are still having a few accidents..but for the most part..she is doing so great with it and you can just tell how proud she is of herself..and we are so proud of her, as well. I still can't believe we have a daughter who is potty training. WOW! She loves to drink out of big cups now..and feed me ice. HA HA!

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