Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Potty Training-Day 2

Today has gone a lot better. We've only had to do one load of laundry. She is now grasping the concept..but still a lot of accidents. She has only pottied in her potty once today and she got a BIG reward. She loves it when her Daddy comes home. She is so excited to tell him what she has done all day. I love it that Mike helps at night with the training. What a great Daddy! She seems to want to impress him more than me. HA HA!
Another HUGE accomplishment this week is that she is now cup-free when laying down at night or during naptime. I didn't think it would that easy..I guess with all the other going on..maybe she's not thinking about having her cup?? She does get a cup of milk about an 1-2 hours before bed..that way she has enough time to get it out before she lays down. She is staying up later than usual..but I'm hoping that goes back to normal when everything dies back down around here. She has had no accidents as of yet at nap time or night time.

It's been grueling..watching her every move for 2 days straight and we've become a little stir crazy. We are used to getting out and about about 3 or more times a week and we haven't been anywhere so far this week. She keeps going to the door and says, "GO"! I feel bad..but the payoff is going to be so great. We have been pull-up free for 2 days now. GO ZOEE!!! I love her so much and we'll see what tomorrow brings!

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