Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Storm

Stir crazy is what we are! This winter storm is nuts. We've been stuck in the house for several days now..and it's still snowing. The thing about it..we don't get a whole lot of snow at once..but just enough to make the roads nasty and hard to drive on around here. And people scare me enough with their regular driving..I couldn't imagine driving around in this, too. A ton of my friends in Midland and Odessa area today had power outages..some lasting up to a couple of hours..some just 15-20 mins. And then on top of that..pipes freezing. Thank far ours hasn't done either. It's interesting around here having the temperature in the single digits like today it was 11 degrees..with a wind chill of -7..that's insane! As you can see in the pics..Zoee being stir crazy has led to the destruction of the living room, a round of indoor mini golf with her new clubs that her Daddy bought her, and a little bit of dabbling on the computer. She loves the computer, like her Mommy..LOL. It's snowing a lot tonight... So I guess we will continue to stay indoors and snuggle up together. I think we will try to make some brownies or cookies tomorrow and maybe do some fingerpainting..just to keep us occupied and have some fun!
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