Sunday, February 6, 2011

Red/Hot & Pink/Spicy Mommies Night Out

I hosted a Mommies Night out for the Mommy group I'm in last night at Ajuua's Mexican Restaurant. We ate yummy Mexican food and if it wasn't for my dang ulcer I would of been drinking a couple of margaritas. I was really disappointed though that there were only three of us that being one of them. I really wished that we had mommies from Midland come over (since I do try and come to all of their events) but such is life. I had spent time coming up with a few fun games and even bought li'l prizes for each of them. So I just ended up giving Traci and Mande the li'l gifts I bought which were a cute li'l notepad that was Zebra Print w/ Pen and Hot Pink bow (so cute) and then a Brag Book that you can put pictures in. We had a great time even though it was just the three of us. We chit chatted for four hours and even closed the place down and got to know one another very well. It was a great night and I'm glad to have made new friends!

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