Sunday, February 6, 2011


Wow! Can't believe Miss Z has one more month to go and she will be two years old!

Today she is 23 MONTHS OLD!!!

She is quite the handful already. I call her my li'l DIVA. For the past two days she has been throwing temper tantrums when she is tired or doesn't get her way. And they are doozies! Kicking and screaming..throwing herself on the ground..drooling all over the place. It was funny cause she tried throwing one tonight and I just copied the same thing she was doing and she just started giggling and quit throwing it. So hopefully it stays like that. She eats real well one week and then the next she doesn't. She still likes all types of foods. Her favorite things right now are Capri Sun and fruit snackies. She still won't give up on milk and I'm trying to wean her off drinking so much of it. She will stand in front of the fridge and beg and cry for it. She is sleeping in her toddler bed like a big girl (with all her small stuff animals and babies around her) I sneak in and grab them all and put them up before I go to bed except for one. She has been waking up this week at about 2-4 in the morning..and stays up for a while and then goes back to bed after her Daddy goes to work at 6. Not fun for Mama or Daddy. She comes to my room when she wakes up and will throw her stuffed animal or baby up on top of me. Sometimes it scares the crap out of me (our bed is really tall). She will then climb onto the bedside table and up onto the bed where we are at. She says and repeats all kinds of words..but isn't really talking in sentences quite yet. I have a feeling she is going to go from saying a few words to full sentences very soon. We are about to do the 3-day potty training class. It's suppose to work miracles we will see how it goes. She's really loveable..loves to give kisses..blow kisses..and big hugs. I love her so much and can't believe I've been planning her 2nd birthday already. Everything is almost done and I'm already ready for another one!

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Brittany said...

I definatly thought of you yesterday! I was in JC Pennys with a friend and Kenzie and she wanted to walk around---the only problem is she wanted to walk out into the mall and I had stuff to buy in my hands. I kept telling her, you have to stay in here. Well of course that didnt work! I had to carry her around and I saw it. Yup, the fit you were talking about. I couldnt help myself, I just started laughing at her cause its so cute! Luckily she didnt do it for very long---but she did do it a couple different times.