Thursday, February 3, 2011

Avid TV Enthusiast

I am totally an Avid TV Enthusiast. Zoee and I have been watching quite a bit of TV (her cartoons and my favorites) since we've been stuck indoors because of the cold weather.
I am loving Parenthood. I think one of the main reasons I love it so much is that I relate to almost all of the women's characters on here. I'm a little charismatic like Sarah..and was totally rebellious like Haddie and Amber are at 16. I'm down to earth like Kristina and a great mom in that aspect, like her. I'm a total planner/narcissist like Julia..and compassionate and free spirit like Jasmine. It's crazy how a movie can touch you like that..and resemble such character that you withhold within yourself. If you haven't seen it, it airs on NBC...Tuesdays @ 9 pm need to start watching's good!
The other Channel I really love is Bravo (I think I watch almost every show on it). I'm excited about the Housewives of New York are coming back on..and also Bethanny Frankel has a new show coming on. I love me some Bravo! I also am watching The Bachelor..which I can't really decide if I like him or not. I was skeptical about watching American Idol this season. I really like seasons past...and didn't think that I would like Jennifer Lopez..but surprisingly enough..I actually do. I like her better than Paula..actually! I think that Randy has kind of stepped into Simon's position (maybe not as mean yet)..and I adore Steven Tyler. He's so quirky and absolute Rock Star attitude just makes me smile. It seems like this season there are a whole lot of young 16 and so. I also love Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood..which comes back on April excited. I have many other shows..but couldn't possibly name them all. Thank goodness for DVR..ha ha!

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