Monday, February 21, 2011

Potty Training-Day 1

Today we started the 3-Day Potty Training challenge. I've heard about this from several moms and they all said that it really I decided to try it. It is Day 1 and the picture below of Zoee portrays how I've felt today..but I sure didn't let on about it. By 10 am, I had already done one load of panties. And she had about 8 pairs in that load. I had to be resourceful cause I thought I had enough panties and didn't think she would pee in that many..boy, was I wrong. I'd put a pair on her and get her off the potty and she'd tinkle in it right away. Mike had to go by an economy pack of panties after work so we could start with 10 more pairs for Day 2. We had to say so long to pull-ups FOREVER. So we did our ritual of "Saying Goodbye to Pull-ups" this morning. She got to throw the last that we had left (which was four) away, one by one. This is so I won't use them as a crutch and so that the process will actually work. She had about a bizillion "accidents" today. She peed on her toybox after getting up from her nap. She peed in the dining room chair while eating lunch. She peed on the floor in the living room about 5-6 times. And this other picture is of the trickle she left from the living room to the dining room this evening. We have pee up to our ears around here. I'm going to have to disinfect like crazy, run the steam cleaner a million times, and steam mop the floor a couple of times. I kept doubting that this is really going to work, even went back and read over the process again to make sure I was doing everything right and was assured that if I stay consistent that it would. Sure enough, by midnight (yes, Zoee didn't want to go to sleep apparently) Mike went to lay her down..realized she had peed in her panties a he swooped her up and put her on the potty..all while she was throwing kind of a fit because she didn't want to go to sleep. She then released into the toliet and I did the biggest potty dance I could do and she then had to be rewarded. I have a bowl of goodies that I have been telling her all day that she could have one if she would go pee pee in the potty. It took until midnight..but she finally did it. She picked out a Blow Pop to suck I let her have it because I was so excited and that's what I had been promising her. She sucked on it for a while, kept saying "Apple" even though it was Watermelon flavored (so cute!) and I had to trade her Blow Pop with her toothbrush (she loves her toothbrush) to get it away from her. She is now asleep and tomorrow will start Day 2. Wish us luck. I'm trusting the process..and just when I thought all hope was lost..God gave me a gracious sign right at midnight that it could be possible..ha ha! Thank you Lord!!

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I hope she continues to progress!