Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Birthday Getaway to El Paso

We traveled to El Paso for a little mini vacay.  Mike took a few days off cause he was worn out so we decided to go and surprise Zoee with a trip to see our great friends and to have a little fun.  We first stopped at the Cielo Vista Mall.  Zoee had never been in a Disney store (well, when she actually could remember).  She loved it and we let her pick out two dolls.  She chose Jasmine and Aladdin.  

 We then went to Build A Bear (another place she's never been).  Our pocketbook wished we hadn't gone in here..HA HA  They are really expensive..but the look on her face was enough to melt your heart.  I didn't realize that it's a whole system they do while building.  You can add a song to them, you put a heart and they have the cutest lil' way they make them put their heart in.  It's really a kid magical moment.

See what I mean by "magical".  She loved her Twilight My Little Pony sooo much!
She was soo happy!  
Sometimes her feet look so awkward in pictures.  Because of the twisting of her hips..she can turn them in where they look really weird.  It's almost contortionist weird.  She doesn't even realize she does it because it's comfortable to her. 
 We closed down the mall and then we spotted an Olive Garden right there by it so we stopped in to eat.  It was delicious and Zoee put Twilight in a high was funny.

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