Thursday, August 8, 2013

Unexpected Surgery

If you get queasy easily..please DO NOT look at this blog post.  It can make you a bit squeamish cause it's really gross!

I'll start with the good pics. We went to Lubbock today for some doc appointments for Mom and I.  Well, she had to see her oral surgeon and I had to see a dermatologist.  We went to Fuddrucker's for a quick lunch and Zoee played TicTacToe with me and colored while waiting for our food.

 Here they are at the Oral Surgeon's office.  Zoee had just picked a flower while walking in out of their flower bed.  SHEESH..she sees a flower it's going to be picked.  HA    Another really funny story...While sitting in the waiting room (it was packed ..all seats taken) Zoee heard a noise and blurts out, "Grammy, Did you toot??" It was priceless!!   Mom was embarrassed and this guy across from us chuckled out loud while the others just looked and giggled.  Speaking of toots..she was a big one this day.  We went shopping and while in the stores she kept calling out "GRANDMA..GRANNNDDDMAAA"  She knows that Mom doesn't like to be called Grandma..she's Grammy to her.  So she was a lil' turd this day.  Her face here even looks devious!  HA
When we got back to Grammy & Papaw's..the sun was going down and she said look at the beautiful sunset.  She wanted a picture with it.  

Now, for the grossness ...remember click off now if you are squeamish.  I went to the dermatologist.  I had several things for him to look at.  Some moles that were changing with the tags..and my ugly birthmark on my leg.  They clipped, snipped, and poked needles in me to get rid of everything.  Mom called me a WIMP cause I was wincing in pain.  I mean, when you get a needle stuck into the upper part of your cheek near your eye to deaden for something to be frozen off of your face and then scraped..NOT MY IDEA OF FUN..whatsoever.  Then it came time to look at this hard cyst thing I've had for a couple of years on my neck.  You couldn't really see it cause it was under my skin..but I knew it was there and it bothered me.  I was afraid it would get bigger and Mom pretty much talked me into getting it removed.  He said it's considered surgery cause he had to cut it out.  Talk about wincing every more!!  So I laid back and let him do it.  He had to deaden it first..that really hurt.  Zoee was up looking at it all happen..I was surprised.  She was sooo intrigued.  Then he cut me open and pulled out the cyst.  I wouldn't stop bleeding so he had to cauterize one of my blood vessels.  It seemed like he did this about 6-7 times.  Burning flesh smells HORRIBLE!  Then he stitched me up once I stopped bleeding.  The nurse let me see the cyst.  I couldn't believe it was as big as it was cause it didn't seem that big from the outside.  But I'm glad that's over and hopefully another will not grow. It just amazes me what our body grows and how it changes.  Here's a picture of it.  SOOO GROSS!!!

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