Monday, August 5, 2013

Fire Station Tour

I was trying to think out of the box on things we have never done as a it came to me.  Fire station Tour.  I quickly set it up and we went and toured the Central Fire station in Odessa.  We had great guys leading our tour and it was really interesting learning about everything.  I learned quite a bit.  I did not know that Odessa was the first place to have the "jaws of life" instrument. That has helped so many

people get out of their vehicles during wrecks.  During our wreck in 1994, we had to have it used.  Thank goodness it was invented.
 This is at the front office part of the station.  It's a replica of the Twin Towers and the piece on the top right of building is an actual piece taken from the site of the Word Trade Center in 2001.  It's amazing to see an actual piece from the wreckage.

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