Sunday, August 18, 2013

Snowballs and Stitches

 These things came out as soon as we got home.  I was suppose to take them out on Friday..but had to wait an extra day.  They kind of hurt coming out cause my skin started growing over them already (THAT WAS FAST!)  It's healing well and hopefully won't be too big of a scar from where I had the cyst taken out.
Because we were traveling, I didn't get an actual birthday cake this year.  I think this is the first year that I've never had one. Mike wanted to get one but I said no..cause we wouldn't be able to eat it and tote it around.  So he got me some snowballs instead.  For those that really know me..these are one of my favorites desserts!!  The gooey, coconutty, chocolately, marshmellowy goodness!!  YUM!

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