Friday, August 23, 2013

Kids Bop Surprise

We surprised Zoee with tickets to see Kids Bop.  Loving their music is an understatement to her.  HEE HEE  She goes around the house singing their songs and we listen to them in the car.  They sing the top 20 hits but kids version.  They are some really talented 15 year old's.  It was held at the Wagner Noel Center, which is beautiful.  We had never been there and we had great seats up in the dress circle in the big seats.  Here's Zoee's face when we told her who we were there to see on the way up our section.  She was sooo excited!

 Getting their autograph and taking a picture with the crew.  She was shy meeting them..I was surprised.
Doing the Gangnam Style dance moves while they sang it.
 I love this picture of her in front of the Wagner Noel.  It just reminds me of her having BIG DREAMS!

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