Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fun at the Family Farm or Grammy and Papaw's House..HA

 Zoee and I spent time at my parents on Friday and Saturday.  I love these moments cause Zoee gets a chance to play and grow with her cousins, Lillian and Ethan.  They love each other so much.  Zoee even asked me if we could go and live with Grammy and Papaw.  They spoil her sooo much!  Grammy always reads them a story for every nap and at night.
 Grammy was showing Zoee how to pose for her pageant coming up.  HA  CUTE

 Lillian came over and climbed up in my arms and fell asleep.  A few hours later...we played and played and had the best time together.
 The kids have a blast feeding the birds.
 Grammy bought a Barbie House/Car and 15 Barbie's for her house.  Zoee LOVED it and the kids had a blast playing with it.

Grammy and Papaw have been gardners for a while and this is some of their produce.  It is soo delicious!  The squash look like they have been amped up with steriods.  Look at the size of this thing

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