Monday, August 12, 2013

T-Ball Sign ups and Early Birthday Gift

 Zoee has been wanting to play sports for a long time now but she wasn't old enough to play on a team until now.  They are having Fall Ball this season for the Odessa Girl's Softball Association.  Her age group will play T-ball and she is really happy about it.  Her Daddy bought her a glove today and took her out to practice.  Grammy bought her a Tee and ball so she is set.  Now, waiting for Sept!
I have been wanting a piano for a long time.  The one I was going to inherit burnt in my parent's house fire back in 2008 (Sad) and it was beautiful.  Mom and I have been looking on the trading posts to see if anybody was getting rid of theirs.  Sure enough Mom found one on the Dawson Co. site for only $25.00.  Can you believe it??  That is crazy for this beauty.  It really doesn't even have to be tuned.  It's in wonderful condition and Zoee loves to sit and play.  She's been on it all day today off and on after they delivered it to us.  I sat down and played and surprised by what I still have memorized.  I'm ready to get some sheet music and some beginner books so I can start teaching Zoee the fundamentals.  I love MUSIC!

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